Math Sorting Project

Hello all! I guess since it's 8:30 I can say that I'm tired, right? I had a busy 1/2 day with kids at school. I introduced Read to Someone for the first time. The kids have done so well with the other parts of Daily 5 that we're forging ahead. This afternoon I had about 6 parents conferences. I had lots of good things to tell parents and that's always nice.

I wanted to finally post my sorting project. I did this recently and the kids had lots of fun. Each little baker is glued onto a 12"x18" piece of construction paper. The cookie sheet is a 4'x8" piece of aluminum foil (I don't know if I'd do that again, maybe grey construction paper if I wanted to make it easier on myself). As for the shapes, I don't have templates, as I cut them myself. I did the circle with a die-cut and the triangles and squares on my paper cutter. There about 1" in size. The face and hands are cut out of manila paper. I cut everything instead of having the kids do it so that it would go a little faster. Anyway, I hope you like it. You can get the templates below for the pieces (just click on the picture) and the writing prompt. I put several options on the writing prompt page.

You can get the writing prompts by clicking on this link Writing Prompts.

Please leave me a comment if you try this. I'd love to know what you think.
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  1. Cute idea! The downloads are not working though.

  2. Cute! I taught sorting today so we may do this Friday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so cute!!! Love this idea. I will putting this in my files.
    The Weekly Hive


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