It was an Exciting Day!

Everyone was talking about it this morning. The news said the space shuttle Endeavor was going to fly over our area. We took the first graders to lunch early and had them eat outside. At about 11:30, this was our view
I saw the shuttle go behind a tree, then it came out the other side and flew almost directly over the playground. The kids were excited, but nothing compared to how excited I was, I'm sure! I got a book from the library this morning to share with them to try to impart some of the significance of this event to my students. They were interested, but of course the history part is hard for them to grasp. It was a truly amazing sight to see. Do things like that make you cry? or am I the only one? I get choked up just writing about it.
Hopefully you had a good week. We did, but I sure am glad it's Friday! I'll be back over the weekend with the 2nd Holiday Picture Book Linky Party for Halloween books. Have a relaxing evening!


  1. That's very cool! Yes, I get choked up about the strangest things, too. Have a super weekend, Chrissy.

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  2. Our whole school went outside the see it. A lot of my 4th graders seemed to be getting the historical impact. A few came up to me afterward and said "Thank you for letting us miss part of math to see that. We just saw history." I also had quite a few almost in tears about NASA being over. Almost every kid in the school chased in across the playground, trying to get as close as possible. It was such an awesome experience. And, yes, I got choked up!

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  3. We saw it too! Lots of excitement, it was amazing to watch it fly right over our heads. Don't know if my kinders understood the history of it, but they loved to see the "plane piggy back the space shuttle."

  4. I can see how that would be a special moment and one worth cherishing for a long time. Someday the kids will understand how special it was too.
    ❀ Tammy
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