I Have, Who Has Math Games & Giveaway

Last Sunday I received this packet to try out with my class. It's from Caroline over at Educator Designs and it's a fabulous packet of 4 "I Have... Who Has" games good for all primary grades. Caroline is a busy mom who's created these games perfectly made for us busy teachers. Great games, and easy to print today and use tomorrow. What could be better than that?

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Yesterday we played the Addition to 20 game and, of course, my kiddos loved it! I loved it too because it was easy for me to give easier facts to my struggling kiddos and harder facts to my higher kiddos. Any chance to differentiate, right? And it was a very easy way to do that too. I can't wait to use the tally marks game tomorrow!

Another great thing about these is that (if you hurry!) you could win the whole set! Yes, that's right. Just hop on over to Caroline's blog for your chance to win! Check out her sweet blog and become a follower while you're there. Have fun!
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  1. I like your simple math games and chart. Sometimes if it's too complicated, I know I am reluctant to try new things. This seams easy and fun. If I was a regular classroom teacher, I'd definitely play this one!!

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  2. What a beautiful blog! I am following you!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I finally popped over to your blog and loved it too!


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