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Hi there!
I'm finally making the change to Bloglovin'
- before Google Reader shuts down and leaves me stranded.

It seems really easy. It automatically imported all the blogs I currently follow. 

I'm going to make this short and sweet- I'm trying to "claim my blog" on Bloglovin' (even though I'm not exactly sure what that means).

I hope you'll follow me on Bloglovin' too! Have a super afternoon!


  1. I switched to Bloglovin too. I was so afraid I would lose everything when Google Reader shuts down. It was so easy. Everyone should do it!

  2. You are speaking a foreign language to me! Could you please explain what you mean please? My blog is created with "blogspot", which I chose because it was Google based. Do I need to switch? Thanks for the help!

  3. Following you on blog lovin' my friend. I'm on it, too:)

  4. I love your sun shine clock. Do you have a template for that?

    1. Stacey, that clock was something I pinned. I tried to find the site for you, but when I clicked on the pin I discovered that the blog it came from isn't the same anymore. And Wow! is it not the same. Yikes! If I decide to create the template myself, I'll try to let you know.


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