Fly Guy is Informational Text!

Yes, Fly Guy can be informational text! Thank you Tedd Arnold!
Today linking up with Barb from Ruby Slippers Blog Designs to show and tell about the book I found. (By the way, Barb's responsible for my blog rejuvenation. Did you notice the changes? New fonts, sidebar, background, and signature. I just love it! Thanks, Barb!)

I found this book in a local book store last week and HAD to buy it. I just had too. As you may know, my first graders are looping up to 2nd grade with me and we're starting off with an ocean unit. So how perfect is this?
When I told my class we'd be starting off learning about ocean animals, one of the boys said, "Are we going to have shark books?" Yes, sweetie, we are. He's going to be so excited. The only problem is that I may wish I had about 10 copies of this book. It's going to be a huge hit with my class!

To go along with the book I created a shark word search based on the vocabulary from the book. You can grab it as a freebie by clicking on the picture.
Did you look at the words? One of them is "dentricles." Dentricles are what make a shark's skin rough. did you know that? I'll admit that I didn't. They say that you learn something new every day. I guess that's my something new.
There are two other Fly Guy Presents books on Space and Dinosaurs. Hmmm... my wish list is getting longer...

Enjoy the word search! If you download it, I'd really like it if you'd leave a comment below. That kind of thing just makes a girl happy, you know?

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  1. Thanks for the link-up, Chrissy! I've never been a Fly Guy fan but now you've got me VERY interested. I'm definitely going to have a re-look. And NO! I didn't know about denticles either:) I love learning cool facts like that.


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