Simply Second Resources is having a linky party about the three things you're going to focus on this year. It's hard to choose only three, but I really need to keep my goals reasonable so here are my 3 focus areas:

1. Implementing Daily 5! I am excited about it and have a picture in my head of how it will work out. We'll see...
2. Math Work Stations. Can you tell I did some professional reading this summer? My school is in Program Improvement due to those lovely test scores so we have to have 1 hour of math instruction plus 20 minutes of math intervention. Math Work Stations seems like a terrific way to have intervention time with my little strugglers.
3. Not over-planning! A year or two ago I started leaving Friday open in my lesson plans as I always had enough left from the week once we got to Friday. I'm planning less to do each day as I always could fill extra time if I was lucky enough to have it.

What are you focusing on this year? You can join the party by clicking this button...

I've never joined a linky party before. I'm really becoming a TBA!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I hope you are successful with your goals this year.

    Simply 2nd Resources


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