Teacher Talk Tuesday

I wish every new teacher good luck and lots of special memories as time goes by. A few bits of advice...

1. My first master teacher said the best thing she could pass on to me is to be organized. I've discovered how important this is over the last 12 years!
2. Be flexible! Things like schedules are always changing, assemblies come up, children are children, so if you can't flex and adjust it will be difficult.
3. Make friends with your custodian! Your custodian can be invaluable so be nice to him/her and you can find that you have help when you need it.
4. Try to establish good relationships with parents. I've had a few really difficult students over the years but good parent support and a willingness to work together made all the difference.
5. Read the book Thiry-Two Third Graders and One Class Bunny. It's hilarious! In a kind and funny way the teacher portrays the reality of the classroom that I've found isn't shared in credential programs. I laughed all the way through the book!

Most of all, find a way to enjoy the kids, your job, and your colleagues even in challenging times. This is a hard job so it's nice to have fun too.
Best of luck,

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