It's been a busy 9 days!

Whew... 9 days of school down. It's going well and I have a nice class this year. Thought I'd share some things we've done so far.
We made these the first week of school. My mom comes for 2 days to help and the kids make these people to look like themselves. I had a parent one year at Back to School Night say they looked creepy )-: I think they're cute. They sure are fun to do.

I enjoy reading If Take a Mouse to School. The kids have a page printed that says "If you take a mouse to school ____." They finish the sentence then color, cut out, and assemble the mouse from the story. We do this the first day and I won't help with spelling at all- kind of an assessment for me. I'll save them this year to put out at our spring Open House.

Oh, I love these projects! I bought the All About Me tees from Really Good Stuff. The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree is an idea from Kim at She has great books. I love her math journal and am saving this as the first project for that.

I feel very lucky to have a friend who retired last year helping in class one day a week for the whole morning! She was there today and it was fabulous. We played a game I called "Stair Steps" that came from Math Work Stations. I should have brought it home to post... I'll try tomorrow. I didn't think of it till now. Anyway, it's the first math game we've tried and it was great. Kids were cooperative and followed directions. At least today they played the game and were then able to settle down for a lesson on patterning. I hope it stays this way.
We also did "Weekend Journals" for the first time. Weekend Journals are the only writing journal I use. I love having this to refer back to and to see students' progress. Most other writing I send home. The kids did very well. We all know how beginning first grade writing can be unreadable. I was pleasantly surprised at how many journals I could read. Woohoo!
All in all it was a pretty nice day.
Thanks for letting me share and for sharing all your great teaching too. Have a great day!


  1. LOVE your door and your sweet little mice. I've pinned them!

    Grade ONEderful

  2. I would love to know where you got your people from; they are adorable! I looked and looked for your email addy, but I ran out of time! Would you please contact me at kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

    Thank you!

  3. I jumped over from Pinterest and would love to know if you made the patterns for your mosue or if you got those somewhere??


  4. I would also love the template for the mouse too. We are ready this story in our reading series this week. Very cute idea.

  5. Would you please share the mouse template- I love it!

  6. Could i get a copy of the mouse template also?

  7. Could I get a copy of the mouse template please? I think he is gorgeous. Thank you.

  8. Can I please get a copy of the mouse template please. Thankyou

  9. May I please have a copy of the mouse template as well? Thanks

    1. I just emailed them to you, Margaret. Have a great school year!

  10. Where can I get the cute mouse with the fill in the blank sentence?

  11. Could I have a copy of the mouse template as well?


  12. Could I get a copy of the mouse template as well?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Could I have a copy of the mouse template as well?


  14. Can I have a copy of the mouse template if possible? It is awesome!


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