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Hello out there. Sorry I've not been keeping on my blog much. I have so much I want to get on here. Tonight I was looking at what I need to do to get ready for Parent Conferences that are next week. I don't know if you do any kind of progress report or if you send home report cards already, but I find that this simple progress report helps keep me on track we schedule conferences in 20 minute blocks at my school. I like it because parents can take it home and share it with ??? instead of trying to remember everything. Most of it is academic, but I include "tying shoes" because it's something I want the children to be able to do for themselves. I thought I'd put it out there if you can use it. Just click on the link below. Hope your year is going well!
October Progress Report

UPDATE: I've posted a slightly revised report and made it available in Word format so you can make changes if you need to. Just click <HERE>

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  1. Great idea! I think I might do this. I never thought of putting all the skills on one page and never get all of the copies of the assessments I do ready in time for conferences. Thanks for the great idea! I am a new follow thanks to the grade level linky at The Teacher's Lane.



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