Gingerbread Men, Christmas trees, and a Liebster Award!

Isn't Christmas a fun time in the classroom? There are so many great projects and not enough time. Yet I'll be happy next Thursday when the children go home and I have 2 weeks off. I'll miss them, but enjoy my break at the same time... you know what I mean.
Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while. I've been wanting to but that's how it goes sometimes. I checked my email today and was so thrilled that Kimberely Moran at
First in Maine passed the Liebster Award on to me!

Thanks, Kimberely. This award brings to light blogs with 200 or fewer followers. I'm excited to pass this on to 5 other deserving up-and-coming bloggers. Here are my picks:

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I wanted to add some of my Christmas projects to share with all of you. Every year my kiddos paint Christmas trees. First they paint a green triangle which I let dry for a day. We do that whole class. The next day I bring students to my horseshoe table in small groups to add the trunk, garland, star on top if they want, and ornaments. I took these pics before I cut them out. I love how the kids all paint the same thing but they turn out so different.

Another classroom tradition is to have my students write their own endings to The Gingerbread Man. I read this version
I stop just before the Gingerbread Man gets eaten and challenge my kiddos to write their own ending. The rules: the gingerbread cannot get eaten. He can go on adventures, travel, anything else as long as they're creative. I found this gingerbread man shaped paper and enlarged it. Some students need multiple sheets. I will cut the brown construction paper leaving a small border and put them up on a bulletin board in my room.
"The Gingerbread Man ran away from the fox. After that he went to Disneyland. He thought he was far enough but he wasn't. Then he went on the highest ride because he thought he was high enough and he was. He was safe from the fox."
"The Gingerbread Man ran away from the fox. The gingerbread man had a lot of fun because he went to another place. He went to the store and hid in the refrigerator because for the fox couldn't find him. He like it." (This student is a native Spanish speaker.)
"The Gingerbread Man ran away from the fox. He ran home and locked the door. He was safe and happy." (This student is also a Spanish speaker.)

A couple of students wrote about the Gingerbread Man going into space. One went to the moon and brought back a piece of the moon. My students got very creative and I was so proud of their stories when they finished.

I hope all of you are enjoying these last few days. Smiles and hugs to everyone who is on break at the end of the week. I have 6 days to go! Merry Christmas!

 Chrissy

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