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 Spring Break is over and so is my first week back. I've been blogstalking, but took a little break from posting. It felt weird not be on my computer more. But the time off was certainly nice. My husband and I took a trip to Arizona. We went to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Two places we'd never been. Here are a couple pictures.
Back at school this week I started a weather unit and planned my Open House theme. This year it will be African Animals and I can't wait! A week or so after Open House I'm taking my class on a field trip to the zoo. When I told my class they screamed! Some of my students have never been to a zoo before. Isn't that hard to imagine? It will be so much fun.

During my absence from blogland, I was kindly tagged by these fabulous bloggers:


Kaleigh's Klassroom

Seeing that Traci over at Dragonflies in First Grade created this short-cut, I thought it was the way to go. I'm just not sure I can answer all of those questions. I hope my taggers won't mind. It would be great, however, to learn more about you. So consider yourself TAGGED.
Just pop over to Traci's blog and link up. Please leave me a comment letting me know and I'll be over to your blog to visit.
In the meantime, here's my short-cut sheet: (I've been trying to make it bigger for quite a while and can't. Please click on it to see it larger if you need to. Thanks.)
 I'm so glad you stopped by!
Nice Day Animations
Isn't that adorable? There's much more at http://www.mycutegraphics.com.
 Chrissy


  1. Hi Chrissy!
    I'd love to see the Grand Canyon some day. My youngest son has seen it ... but I haven't.
    I did the short-cut tag too :)
    Santa's Book of Names is a great story. I read it EVERY year to my kids.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. The pictures of your trip are beautiful! I would love to see the Grand Canyon some day.

    First Grade Magic

  3. Wow... your pictures are beautiful!
    Dragonflies in First


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