I won, I won, I won! and Open House Tour

Reallly, me!, I won? I won Heather's giveaway over at Heather's Heart! I can't believe it because I never win anything. We were at a baseball game once and one of the prizes was a weekend in a nice hotel, meals, etc. The prize I won was a flat of bottled water. This is way better!!I get 3 butterfly bowls that will be fun to use with games and 3 items from her TPT store. I looked at my choices and don't know which great items I'll choose. I let you know what I get! Thank you, Heather!

Heather's heart
On a school note, have you had Open House yet? Ours is this Wednesday and I thought I'd share this ideas with you in case you haven't had yours yet. On the morning after Open House, some of our teachers take a "tour" of each others classrooms to see what they're like. We take our classes on the walk and its really fun! I organize it and send our this not so teachers can sign up if they want to. I draw a quick map so that everyone is following the same path. Your welcome to download it if you want. I had a cuter heading on it but it was from Lettering Delights and when I checked their website said I couldn't share the document without a license, so it's not as cute as the letter I sent out, but it will give you the basic idea.

And on another note, to all the mothers out there
My mom was here yesterday and helped me put up all my Open House things and today were meeting my brother so we can all have lunch together.
Have a wonderful day, everyone! I'm off to look at Heather's store again. Take care!

 Chrissy

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