Alphabet Letter Exchange, Awards, and Link-ups

I'm having so much fun watching the Olympics! Are you watching? I'm watching/listening now to a swimming heat with Michael Phelps. These athletes just amaze me! Tonight there's more swimming, gymnastics, and maybe more of the women's volleyball. It's nice to be out of school and have a time to watch. What are your favorite events to watch?

Today I wanted to post about several things. First is an update on the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Letter Exchange. It will have a shorter name next year. That's not the update, though. There are 104 teachers participating from the US and Canada. Last night I sent out an email with the groups, addresses, and the letter templates attached. I'm going to post the letter templates HERE too just so everyone has access to them. The exchange goes from September 1-30. You can make and send your letters any time before the end of September. At least one of our participants is back in the classroom with students already, and some people don't go back until mid-September. You have the email addresses of the members of your group in case you need to contact them. Thanks again for making this such a success!

While blogstalking today I ran across this opportunity and signed up right away!
Kelley at the Teacher Idea Factory is going to pair teachers to be pen pals next year. I can't wait! I've never done that before but I know my students will love it and I think their parents will think it's a pretty cool opportunity too!

Also, my linky party is still open if you'd like to join in. So far I'm finding some fun books I want to buy and read to my class. That Amazon wish list just keeps getting longer! I've got to get over there and purchase some of them today. Just click on the picture and you can check out the books these great bloggers are sharing.

And finally (thanks for hanging in there), a HUGE thanks goes out to Carrie at The First Grade Derby,  Tamberly at A Window Into Mrs. Wheeler's Class, Elissa from Adventures of a Super Mom (love that blog name! She gave me the One Lovely Blog award too), and Ms. Carney at Reflections at Recess (One Lovely Blog Award only) for these awards:
I'm touched that they stopped by my blog and thought enough to pass these awards on. Make sure you pop over and check out these new blogs:
The First Grade Derby
The rules for these awards say to post 7 random facts about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers. Hopefully you won't mind if I post 7 things I love about First Grade (instead of about me. That's hards.).
What I love about first grade:
1. the sweetness and innocence of the little ones who walk into my room each year
2. that first graders are so easy to please. So much of what we do is new them and they're so excited to do different activities
3. the incredible progress students make from Aug/Sept to June! It is staggering!
4. that first graders care about each other. For the most part they want to get along and be nice to each other.
5. the books I can read to first graders. I love picture books!
6. the cute projects that are so appropriate for primary grades
7. that moment when the "light bulb" comes on and the smiles that come with their successes!

Hopefully you'll be okay with more rule-breaking. Instead of passing these awards on to selected bloggers, I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoy ALL the "Lovely Blogs" I follow and admire the "Versatility" of all you teacher bloggers out there. What great company to be in!

Have a wonderful afternoon/evening wherever you are! And keep cheering on your favorite Olympic athletes!


  1. Busy busy girl! LOVE the Olympics as well. I was watching gymnastics last night and thinking they are just not human! The strength they have-they just make it look so easy! I'm in awe!

    Love the idea of having a class pen pal. With all these out if state blogging buddies, it would be so much fun. The kids would have a blast!
    -Christy & Tammy

  2. Hi Chrissy!
    Yes, the Olympics are fun to watch! I saw Canada win silver in rowing 2000 m last night. So exciting! Plus, the guys train just down the road from me at Elk Lake -- that's where I do a lot of my running. My favourite events (no surprise here :)) are the 10k, 1/2 and full marathons and the triathlon.
    Congrats on all your awards. You TOTALLY deserve them -- I love visiting you and your blog :)
    Take care.

    Grade ONEderful
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