Classroom Photos and Common Core Math Freebie Too

Whew! It was a busy, fun, confusing first week. I forgot how tired I'd be! The good part is that I ended the week with 22 little first graders. They're very sweet. There are some real smarties in the group. They can already the first stories in their reading book, and of course some who don't know all their letters and sounds and can't identify numbers after 10. I'm very excited to get Daily 5 started tomorrow so I can start getting my low kiddos in a reading group to help them out. We'll also start Math Work Stations this week. Need to get that intervention started for my little ones who don't know their numbers. I was also told I'd get a student who was a HUGE handful in kindergarten. So far he's been great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Now for the confusing part: Monday morning I got my class list with 23 students on it. On the morning of the first day I got another little girl. Total students on Day 1was 24. Keeping count is important in this story. Riley didn't show up. Total=23. Thursday morning I found out that 2 of the boys were going back to the schools they attended last year. Incredibly, they were 2 that had been a bit high maintenence on the first day so I wasn't heartbroken. Thursday's total students= 21. On Friday I got student number 22. Oh my goodness! Other teachers were asking how many students I had and a few times, I must admit, I wasn't sure anymore. Hopefully I'll have the same 22 all this next week. 
I really wanted to post earlier this week but time just got away from me so I thought today I'd join up with a few linky parties and share some classroom pictures.
Here's what it looked like just a few days before school started:
Here's a view of my classroom now:
a view from the front of the room. The door is by the yellow table.
A view from the door. My desk is in the top right corner. The rug area is on the left side.
From the door again. A view of the calendar wall and library.
So, here's a tour of my space and where I live (at least where I spend a lot of time). I'm linking up with Courtney at Swimming Into Second
and Mrs. McHaffie at Beg Borrow Steal and her first ever linky party

Please join the parties once you're up and running too. My next will be about some of the projects we've done so far and hopefully have some freebies for y'all. But tomorrow's my birthday, so I don't know if I'll post tomorrow or wait until Tuesday. And Back-to-School Night is Wednesday. I still want to put together a trifold pamphlet like I've seen on Pinterest. Hopefully I'll get that done in time.
Have a great start to your week- whether you're working or still staying in your jammies 'till noon. See you later!
Till then, here's a little Common Core freebie for you. It's a quick poster I made of the Mathematical Practices so I could keep that nearby when I'm doing my planning.

Also, my Holiday Picture Books/ Back-to-School books linky party is still open if you'd like to take a look or link up.


  1. Your classroom looks great! Hope your student number stabilizes this week. It is so hard to have students moving in and out.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  2. The first week of school is always so crazy, isn't it? I hope you stay with 22. That's a nice manageable number.
    Your classroom looks very cheery and inviting:)
    And Happy Birthday to you, sweet bloggy friend. I hope you get spoiled all day long!!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers


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