Red Ribbon week is over!

I just feel the need to shout that from the rooftops. The message kids get during this week at school is very good, I know. But I dread it. Do you? Many of my students are knowledgeable about law enforcement procedures than I am. I used to hear storied about the neighbor who smokes marijuana, the dad who drinks to much and yells at the family, the parent who got stopped by the police and ran away from the car leaving the child and mom inside (nice!). A few years ago I stopped talking much about the purpose of Red Ribbon Week with my class. It's just too hard for me to hear those stories. My heart hurts just thinking about their lives sometimes. This time the only bad story I got was from one boy about his dad pulling his mom's hair and getting arrested and sent to jail. "But he's out now'" the son said happily. Oh, good. 
At our school we have the police come one day with the SWAT tank and a car. They do a really good presentation for the kids then let them go inside the vehicles. It's the part of the week I actually do like. The morning they were coming one boy told me that "I've meant a policeman and a fireman, but I've never meant an ambulancer." That made me laugh. It just so happened that one of the policeman at the presentation told the kids he'd been a paramedic before. That little boy was so excited!
That's all for now. Thanks for letting me share. I'll be back tomorrow with a link-up to Alphabet Letter Exchange photos. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

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  1. Our red ribbon week is starting this week. Ugh! Everyday they have the kids dress up. By the end of the week the kids are so HYPER!!! Especially with Halloween included. Your red ribbon week sounds like it's way cooler than ours. That is awesome that you have the SWAT tank come.
    The Hive


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