It was a Holly Bloggy Christmas

I had a Holly Bloggy Christmas! I participated last year and was thrilled that it happened again. 

My partner to send my favorite things to was Jessica from
 I'm sorry, but I can't find the picture of what I sent to her. I'm sure it's in all the stuff that came back home from Christmas at our parents houses, but I haven't found it yet. But, I sent Jessica some nail polish, and some dark chocolate caramel truffles. I was so excited to find that Jessica was my partner! We've emailed each other some and she participated in the Alphabet Exchange this year.

My Christmas was made even more special when I opened my gift from Michelle at
First of all there was this beautiful box
 Inside were 2 Splat the Cat books. Perfect for me! My first grade kiddos will adore these! Michelle included a magnetic pad of paper- great for me since I keep one on the side of my refrigerator all the time for grocery lists. I LOVE plastic cups with straws and will be using this all the time. She made a very pretty holder for a post-it note pad. Who couldn't use one of those? And best of all, she included a "whisper bell" which she explained that she loves and uses in her classroom. I am so excited to try this out, as I need something new for classroom management to grab the attention of this year's class.
Thank you, Michelle!!

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