It's Currently February

February already? Yippee!! There are so many fun things I like to do with my class in February. It sure would be easier if two little kiddos were absent once in a while. That sounds bad, doesn't it? Just once in a while even would be nice, though. I'll be trying to fit in as much as a I can.

Before I get to my currently I just thought I'd share what my door looks like this month. I will add the kids names to the hearts on top. My class will like this on Monday. I remembered when I put this up today that my mom made the "We have heart" poster a long time ago. I can't believe it still looks like new!

And here's my currently:

Thanks, Farley! You've really outdone yourself with this beautiful design!

I should have my Valentine's Day Picture Book Linky Party up in the next couple of days. Hope you'll join in!
Have a wonderful weekend! 

P.S. I was contacted by my friend Jessica over at Tales of a First Grade Teacher about a student of hers with cancer. She's starting a fundraiser for childhood cancer. If you're interested, you can check it out here. Just click on the picture.


  1. Thanks Chrissy, you are so sweet.
    I hope you are having fun at the film festival, I've never been to one of those.:)

    1. It's a lot of fun. And you're more than welcome!

  2. Kitchen Nightmares is scary!! VERY!
    Oh... and I so agree about the bad drivers!

    Have a fabulous week, friend!

  3. It seems like almost everyone in California wrote that they hate bad drivers! Haha! I wonder why... ;) Your door looks adorable. I hadn't thought about decorating the inside and they propping it open. I'm always jealous of the East Coast teachers who get to decorate doors and hallways. Now my wheels are turning... Uh oh! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a good week!! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle

  4. Funny, I'm actually watching Kitchen Nightmares right now (catching up on last week's episode) and I definitely agree...scary!! Your door looks great! I need to do a better job of decorating my door too (it pretty much stays the same all school year xP).

    Btw, I am your newest follower! :)

    Diary of a First Grade Teacher


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