Five for Friday (March 22) and The Truth Revealed!

I'm finally linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday to post 5 random things from my week. I've really reading these glimpses into everyone's lives and thought it was about time to join in. Plus, it finally felt like there was something worth sharing this week. So here it goes!

1. I came home one day this week to our 2 furry babies cuddled together. They're brother and sister, Stevie and Selena, and we couldn't be happier that we adopted both of them.

2. It was a great week in first grade! I used Abby's Pop Rock unit to introduce descriptive words during writing this week. The class loved it and so did I!

 I strongly recommend buying this activity. It was fabulous!

3. At our school we have a sizeable population of second language learners, mainly Spanish. So our district came up with the idea that we should have our firsties switch class for the required 30 minutes. This time I have the high English only kids coming to me. They're great since they're so capable, but we have less than 1/2 hour once everyone gets to the classroom which isn't much time to do projects or activities. So I decided in this new round of EL time that I would read The BFG. If you do any switching like this, I'd love to here what you do!
 I haven't been able to read it to a first grade class in quite a few years, as my kiddos haven't had the vocabulary to understand it without way too much explanation. I adore this story and have such fond memories of reading it to my very first class in 1997! Uh-oh, I just dated myself a bit, didn't I?
Thought I'd share some websites I found with activities to go the BFG:
Teaching Ideas has a list of literacy activities and videos to go with the book 
I'm planning to use seven short activities I purchased on TPT

4. This is my third week using
 I have a very difficult class this year and I needed something new and interesting to get the kids focused again. This is terrific! I use the computer by my desk and my ipad to give and (a little bit) take dojo points away. Kids who earn at least 10 point by the end of the day get a sticker. An excuse for some Oriental Trading shopping! Those who get more than 50 by the end of the week get to change their avatar. They love it! And I love that Class Dojo will automatically email a report to my parents every Friday so they can see exactly what's been happening at school.

5. In the computer lab this week I let my kids have some fun with music. Unfortunately, we have no music program or teacher so the only music my kiddos get is from my CD's or me singing with them. Poor kids! I'm a terrible singer. Luckily I teach first grade! So I let them explore the San Francisco Symphony's website for kids.

It's uh-mazing!!! They can listen to instruments and read about them, listen to classical music, create their own songs, or play along to some favorites. If you're looking for something new, check it out!

I'm thrilled to be linked up and am off to check out what others have been up to this week! Happy blogstalking!

**Earlier this week I joined up with Latoya for Let's Get Acquainted. The rules were to post two truths and a  lie about myself. Then reveal the lie at the end of the week, so here goes!
I actually never learned to ride a bike. Don't really know why.

I haven't ever tried coffee. Hard to believe, but true. Thanks for the support from many non-coffee drinkers. I didn't think there was anyone else who hadn't tried it before!

The lie is the Dr. Pepper addiction. I used to be pretty hooked but I'm not even drinking it every day now. I take it for lunch some but take a bottle of water too with lemon or orange slices in it or take some decaf iced tea. I'm happy to say that I'm a "recovering" Dr. Pepper addict.

Happy Saturday! Spring Break starts next Friday. Only 4 more days!


  1. You have had a very busy week my friend. I use to be addicted to Dr. Pepper, but the kidney stone won.

    The First Grade Princess

    1. Ouch!! I guess that would do it! Hope you're enjoying your time off.

  2. We use class dojo too! I love it! Kids who get 10 or more points by the end of the week get to come to treasure box where the prizes are in increments and they can choose based on their points. I think it's a great system. A lot of my parents don't have computers, but I hope to eventually send home reports next year. :)


    1. I like your prizes based on number of points. Something to think about next year..... A lot of my parents don't have computers either. I'd like to print the reports for them if I have time. Not sure if I'll be able to get to that, though. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your cats look so cozy together! I wish my pups would cuddle like that together, but my 5 year old boy doesn't like his new sister just yet (even though it has been a year). Have a nice weekend!

    :) Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

    1. Thanks, I think they're cuties too. Hope you have a nice weekend as well!

  4. My son's teacher uses ClassDojo too! She loves it, my "all boy" son...not so much, lol! =)

    A+ Firsties

    1. So far it's really helped two of my boys whose behavior was very disruptive. I hope it doesn't wear off!

  5. I love your kitty picture. How sweet is that?
    Thanks for the symphony website link. That looks like something I could use, too:)
    Glad to hear you kicked your Dr. Pepper addiction!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Thank. We just adore the two of them. Hope Max is doing well. Has he missed running with you? I just love that website and how the kids can just explore. I thought they'd enjoy the part where they could play songs, but what they liked best this time was the radio. You should have seen them humming along and not able to keep from moving and rock in' to classical music. It was awesome!

  6. I've been wanting to try that Class DoJo out but just haven't taken time to look at it! Thanks for the reminder!

    {Mrs. Wheeler}

  7. I had wanted to try it for a while. It took one more reminder post on someone's blog for me to get it going. Hopefully you'll like it if you try it too!

  8. You were so missed Chrissy! You were on our list to stalk-we mean introduce ourselves in a very professional manner to ;) We will have to find a summer date and do a beach day!
    Enjoy your final four and hope your kiddos obey the Dojo so it will be a fast four days! Happy {almost} SpRing BReaK!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade


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