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I haven't said this to many people, but math was my worst subject in school. I struggled with algebra and survived geometry, barely. So it seems so strange to me that math is just about my favorite thing to teach. Odd, isn't it? I remember teachers teaching formulas like these
and I used them to solve problems that often didn't come out quite right. What was wrong? I plugged in the numbers just like my teachers said to. Well, I know now that I didn't understand the problem, equation, and number sense I needed to have a good handle on. In an algebra class during my 2nd year of college, I finally found myself starting to really understand algebra. In my junior year of college, as part of a class about teaching math, my instructor handed out geoboards. I'd never used one before. He had us make a square, then change it into a triangle.
One of these must have actually appeared above my head
I instantly understood how the area of a triangle is 1/2 the base times the height! I couldn't believe it! I'd memorized that formula a few times for tests, used it, then forgot it. But after using the geoboard it's in my head forever. So I try so hard to help my students build number sense and understanding because I know firsthand how hard thing are if you don't have that strong background. There. The secret is out.
Now I love teaching math! Passing along the basics of number sense and seeing lightbulbs appear above my students' heads is everything to me! No one could be more surprised than my (well, maybe my mom) that I think math is so much fun now.

So I'm excited about this weeks Ten Pin Linky Party for math. 
 Here are some of my math pins:

1. Some books I love for teaching math:

I bought this Family Math book in 1995 (don't think about how long ago that was, please) and I've used it ever since. It's full of fun, easy to prep, easy to teach games. The games are clearly marked for the grade levels they are best used with and it's easy to make the slight changes needed to make them appropriate for different groups if you're doing a family math night.

2. This game is SO good for learning ways to make 10. I found it shortly after reading Math Work Stations and used it whole class then as a work station. My students got really good at it and I saw the difference it made for them.

3. Thank you so much to Yolanda from Oceans of First Grade Fun for this one. It was so much fun for my students and it made me smile to see it hanging up in my classroom. It's cute, fun, and helped them learn. What could be better?

4. This was part of my calendar wall once I found it. After a while the student calendar leader was the one who filled it in each day.

5. I did this with my class as a math project to display after my kiddos worked hard to learn facts to ten. The kids liked it to. Hard to believe, huh??? The only problem I had was that the color from the M&M's bled into the glue. I'll have to work that out next time.

6. My class did this near the end of the year because I thought it would be good for them to think about numbers this way. I thought it would maybe be a little too easy, but it would be a fun thing to display. Boy was I wrong! They had such a hard time with it! It's something I'd do again, for sure, since I really like it and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that hard with every group.

7. This is a fantastic series of games for kids to practice ways to make 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and I think 10, 11, and 12 too. Kids use the double sided red and yellow counters, toss them, and record the ways to make the target numbers. They loved it!

8. The genius of these color by codes, as far as I am concerned, is that the kids can't automatically tell what the picture is supposed to be so they really have to figure out the problems or read the words to complete the coloring page. I think I've purchased all of Kathy's monthly sets by now!

9. I saw this and thought "Common Core" ! This will be such a fun thing to do while teaching fractions next year.

10. Isn't this adorable?! Almost every year my class paints snowmen for me to put up on the wall in January. One day we'll use it for measurement too.

This has made me want to go create some more math games and activities for next year. Hopefully I'll have some to share with you soon. Have fun pinning!


  1. Love the snowman measurement activity!!!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. I hear that same comment from a lot of teachers! Interesting, isn't it?
    I'm pinning :)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. I love Kathy Law's color by's too. How does she do that? Thanks for linking up!!


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