A Peek Inside My Classroom

Happy Monday! Can I just tell you how much I'm enjoying the year so far? Today was Day 6 and every day has been just wonderful. My students are good listeners (their words, but I agree) and they have such fun personalities. This is going to be a fun 180 days! I can't wait!
Today I'm linking up with Jessica from Tales of a First Grade Teacher to show off some pictures of my classroom. It's done with a frog theme this year and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.
 What started out like this:
sorting out my class library
 bare wall and piles starting to form
 and bulletin boards like these
is now
a classroom library like this. Books are organized by subject, book character, or author. The tubs are labeled and some of my stuffed animals are displayed with the books. And of course the bean bags for comfortable reading during Daily 5.
And those blank bulletin boards now look like this. This is looking straight in through the door.
Turning a little to left
A little more of the room

I've got to take more pictures now that it looks "lived-in."

Thanks for stopping to take a look inside my home-away-from-home. So far things are going great!
We're on Day 3 of Daily 5 and did Read to Self for 5 minutes today. Today was also our first day of Writer's Workshop. I felt good about it. It's something new I'm trying out this year, following Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills' plans. There kinder plans, but I figure they'll get me started since they are so thorough and I can easily step them up a little for my firsties if I need to.

If you've started back, I hope your year is starting out wonderfully too! If you're still enjoying some time at home, good for you! I'm envious if you don't need to set your alarm yet.

I'm off to check out the other beautiful classrooms that linked up. See ya' later!


  1. Love it! LOVE the beanbags -- I want to come visit!

  2. Your room looks super! I'm loving the green :)
    First Grade Dual

  3. Your ceilings are so high!! Makes your room look huge! I love all the bean bag chairs too. Thank you so much for linking up! We started our E's today! Hopefully I will be able to send them out this weekend.

  4. It looks great Chrissy!
    I'm glad to hear your year is starting out so well!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs


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