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Happy Friday! Boy am I glad it's Friday. I'm ready for a week off and some time to catch up, blogstalk (which I haven't done quite a while), and visit with family. The kids in my class seemed ready for a break too. They're starting to argue like brothers and sisters! Despite that, they are a really fabulous group. They love Daily 5 and are quite disappointed when they don't get to do Read to Self. Before each reading group the kids choose what Daily 5 they're going to do and head off to that activity. Before I was even finished checking in with everyone, one of the girls already had her beanbag on the rug and was reading a book. I looked her and was a little jealous. I wanted to be lounging in a beanbag reading a book too. 
Instead, I got to reading groups. Don't get me wrong, that's not a complaint. These kids are improving so much and they're all so motivated. One of my higher reading groups is currently working on decoding long vowel words. So I gave them the first page from my Write, Read, Draw packet as their word work activity for Daily 5 yesterday. It looks like this

This wonderful group of such sweet kids went straight to work. Pretty soon one of them came to me and asked how to draw a picture of the word shake. I just said, "Think about it." It turns out that it sounded like a strawberry milkshake to her. She also drew a spikey haired Jake and a coiled up snake.

When I asked how the first picture showed "late" this student said it was a picture of a girl running down the hallway holding her backpack. I never thought I could draw very well so as long as they can tell me what they intended and I can tell what they meant, then it's usually ok with me.

What I like about these pages is that the kids have to read the words and sometimes really think about what the words mean in order to draw the pictures. The packet is my newest creation and is just like my short vowel packet (which you can download free HERE). The difference is that the long vowel packet also has word searches which use some of the words the kids write, read, and draw. 


The whole packet contains one Write, Read, Draw sheet for each long vowel and one half-page word search for each vowel. Just an FYI that 2 of the word family sheets were previously freebies on my blog. I've added the word searches and the other 3 vowel sheets and put them altogether. You can check it out more by clicking HERE.

I hope you had a wonderful week! I'm looking forward to getting back to some blogstalking tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I have got to gather more word work resources. I hate putting stuff together but it makes such a difference during Daily 5 when they are independently working on their targets instead of all doing the same old work. Thanks for the reminder!

    First in Maine

  2. Welcome back, Chrissy! I missed you!


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