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What a great day... a sunny, relaxing Sunday after spending a few fun days with family and eating way too much food. For me the turkey is just an excuse to get to eat gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry relish. I made pumpkin bourbon cheesecake too. Oh my do I need to exercise this week! But today I'm spending some time on the computer. Laundry is done, next week at school is planned. Maybe I need a week off more often...
While I was at school last week getting all my December things ready, I ran across a Christmas short vowel word sort activity my class did last year. It was a fun way for my kiddos to review what we'd worked on in reading. I had a couple of students who were reading above grade level and made a harder set of short vowel cards for them so they weren't having to read only CVC words. It worked great and was lots of fun. So I thought I'd share it with you.

My students worked with a partner to sort the words by their vowel sound.

When they finished the partners had to raise their hands so I could check the cards. I'd pick up any that were wrong and have them try those again. Once the words were sorted correctly, I gave them the recording sheet

Each student had to pick two words from each vowel to write and draw a picture of. I reminded them to make sure the word they wrote was one they could read so that they'd be able to draw the picture. I had quite a few struggling readers, so by letting them choose the words to write, everyone was able to do the activity.
You can download this freebie by clicking {here}. It would work well for second graders needing some review too. I'd really appreciate if you'd leave a little comment if you do download this. It's so much fun to hear from you!

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Chrissy, I just grabbed your freebie and I REALLY like it! I'm printing it right now to use next week with my kids.


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