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Hi there! I'm linking up with Barb at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs for her
the idea is to share anything you think is worthwhile so here is a book you might want to pick up. if you love to read (and I'm betting you do), then you'll identify with the characters. It's called The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas.

In the beginning, Angus and Lucy don't have very much. Not a tv, a car, or even a house (they lived in a trailer with their parents instead).  But they had hundreds of books! They were everywhere- holding up the short leg of the table, shoved in every corner... until one day the trailer could hold no more and the books had to go. The problem was that things didn't work quite right anymore and there was so much room that the family had a lot more space between them and started to grow apart. Until one day when Lucy brought home a book from school. As dad read the book, the kids and mom came close to hear the story. The family becomes "closer than ever before." And as for the end of the story, well, you should have the pleasure of reading that yourself. The last line of the book reads that "they had all they would ever need."

This really is one of the most heart-warming picture books I've ever read. As a child and now an adult who loves books, it is my goal to have the kids in my class become children who love books!

I hope you'll consider linking up with Barb too. I'm off to explore the other blogs in this "show & tell." Have a great evening!


  1. Oh my goodness! I HAVE to get this book, Chrissy. It sounds SO lovely. Thank you for linking up with me. I'm going to pin your book to my Grade ONEderful board and also to my Ruby Slippers board.
    Take care!

  2. That book looks amazing! I think it should be required reading for families! Now I'm off to Amazon to put it in my cart! Thanks!!


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