Frankenstein Directed Draw

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Where does the time go??? I'm back tonight to share a quick post with you about a directed draw my class did today. It was so fun! If you're looking for a simple Halloween project in the next 2 days, this could be it.
Last night I drew this Frankenstein. He was so much fun to color! (As a little girl coloring was one of my favorite things to do! I still remember when my cousin taught me to trace the lines first, then color the inside of the shape. Thanks, Jan!)
I'm sorry I don't have directions to share. I drew the line for his head first, then did the bolts and face. Next we did the shirt, and the pants were last. Feel free to pin this cute guy! 
Here are some of the ones my students drew. I love how they turned out!
 Have a fun Halloween with your class! I'll be back soon with some technology related posts. Stay tuned!

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  1. Colouring was my favourite thing too!
    Your kids did a super job. So did you:)


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