Tech Tuesday- I'm loving!

I love and so do my students! Have you tried it? This week they are sponsoring the event An Hour of Code, hoping to get more students involved in learning to code. When I started my blog I took an online course that included some basics of coding- how to center text, change color, things like that. When I started hearing about I thought "really? even for little kids? hmmmm..." I'll admit I was skeptical that it was something my 2nd graders or k-1 kids could do. Boy was I wrong! has courses kids can work their way through. Mine class started with course 1 designed for kids who can't read yet. It seemed like a good place to start to get the basics. It's really simple at first, but it gets more complicated and they can work through it at their own pace. Some of my kiddos do it at home too.

I'm hoping it will make a big difference in my students problem solving and critical thinking abilities. So far it's made a difference in a few students willingness to try to solve a problem by themselves. is also super easy to use. You can sign up your class to allow students to keep track of what they've done, or just have them go to and give it a try. 

Here are a few videos about coding in case you're thinking of giving it a try. Happy watching! 


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