New Write, Read, Draw & a Christmas Freebie

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was wonderful. Time with family and lots of delicious food! We got back home late yesterday and I've been working on some school things today. I've got a couple new creations to share.

First, a companion to my best selling product Read, Write, Draw with Long Vowels words. I created a very similar pack that covers words with initial consonant R, L, and S blends. It's available in both my TPT and TN stores.
What's included looks like this

What I like about using these worksheets with my students is that they HAVE TO read the words in order to draw the pictures. They also enjoy drawing the pictures instead of just writing the letters. Sometimes, however, I can't quite tell what if the picture matches the word so I have asked many times "How does that (your picture) show that word?" Almost every time the student can explain the picture so that I know they could actually read the word. I'm looking forward to using these as a review this week with my 2nd graders.

Also, here's a Christmas freebie you can grab in my TPT store
There are 1 syllable long vowel word cards that students sort like this (the pic shows the short vowel set, but this works the same way). There are also 20 2-syllable words for higher firsties or 2nd graders.
 Students choose 2 words from each vowel to write and draw a picture of. I've kind of got that "drawing a picture" theme going today, don't I?
 This activity follows another freebie, my Short Vowel Word Sort Activity. It's free too and now with an updated cover. Wow, I looked at the old cover the other day and thought, "I did that?" It seriously needed updating.

As I'm writing this post I can't wait to do some cyber shopping tomorrow! My teacher wish list is long and I'm ready to shop! My TPT and TN stores will be discounted for the next 2 days. Have fun with your shopping! Remember the promo code tptcyber to save 28%.

Thank you to Michelle for that cute sale button!

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  1. Glad to hear your thanksgiving was wonderful:)


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