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Aaaahhhh... it's Thanksgiving week- yippee! In my district we have the whole week off and it couldn't have come at a better time. I've been so busy with all of our usual busy-ness and so many meetings that I could hardly wait for some time off. So what did I do? Well go to school of course. I spent a few hours Sunday and yesterday cleaning up, reorganizing so areas of my room that were in desperate need (especially my desk!), and changing bulletin boards. Today my husband and I are taking advantage of my time off and heading to Los Angeles for the day. We're headed to a favorite spot for lunch then the LA Car Show. It surprises me that I think that's so much fun, but my husband's enthusiasm was contagious. So off we go!
But before that I wanted to be sure to get in another Tech Tuesday. Today's post is about a favorite music website of mine.
I love this website!
There is so much available for kids to play with on this site! In my school any music education is up to me and let me tell you, friends, I'm no musician. So I feel bad for my students. My elementary school had a music teacher who would come into the classroom and a chorus and band teacher who taught those things after school. This website gives my students exposure to classical music and instruments and they enjoy it.
Students can listen to classical music
Kids can play music
They can play with different instruments to find out what they look like and how they sound.
They can learn about conducting a symphony too.
I've used this website with a few different classes and they always enjoy it so much.

This morning I found the website for the Music Teachers National Association that has a list of many different music websites if you're interested in finding more places for kids to explore and learn about music. Just click below.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Looks like a good app. I'm lucky...we have a music teacher in my new school. Yay!
    Lunch and a car show in LA sounds perfect. Enjoy!


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