Technology Tuesday- typing activities

Thanks for popping back by for the second Technology Tuesday! This week my students started doing some practice typing. I've found 2 websites that have activities that are fun and simple to give K-2 kiddos practice finding letters on the keyboard.

The first site is one you might already be familiar with. It's Your students can get to the typing activities with this URL: or by searching "typing" on the home page of
Here's what they'll see
My favorite, and one my students feel very successful with is Type Rocket Jr. Students try to type the letter that appears on each rocket. As they type the letters, the rocket explodes. They're really loving it!

The 2nd site is Learning Games for Kids. There are typing courses that start out having kids type one letter at a time and increase to typing complete words.
Here is the URL for these games:

Hopefully you can find some of this worthwhile for your classroom. I'm going to cut things short tonight. I'm a little tired. I had half of another teacher's class in my room today since there was no substitute for her so I had 32 kiddos instead of my usual 23. So much for my lesson plans! It's hard to find room for that many to sit when you're not set up for it, you know? I feel for those of you that have that many students on a regular basis. I really appreciate my smaller class! But we did a little math and a Thanksgiving art project I quickly prepped at recess and it all worked out. Her kids were really sweet. Do you ever have days when there aren't enough subs to go around?

I'm off to get a few things ready for the rest of the week. Have a good one!

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  1. Both games sound great. We could really use the practice, too! Thanks, Chrissy.


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