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Merry December Everyone! My kiddos came to school this morning talking about putting up Christmas trees, lights, and decorations. I thought I'd hold off starting Christmas activities for just a few days, but instead we'll just jump in tomorrow. We'll start off with Christmas Around the World and some Gingerbread Man activities. I just love all the Christmas activities we can do in first grade!
What are some of your favorites?

I don't know about your class, but I have many EL learners and English only students who have a limited vocabulary. We teach dedicated ELD lessons, but in addition I like to teach Christmas vocabulary. Many of my students can't name a wreath, reindeer, sleigh, or stocking when shown pictures. So I created this Christmas BINGO game to help them learn Christmas nouns. It's simple- kids make the bingo cards in about 15 minutes and we're ready to play. At first, I say the noun and show the calling card so that everyone can identify the pictures. After a few times I just say the noun instead of showing the pictures. When a students gets "bingo", they have to read me the pictures they covered. In the beginning I'll help them with the names, but later they have to be able to name the pictures to get bingo. If your kiddos could use some vocabulary building, or you just want to have some Christmas fun, you can pick up your Christmas Bingo by clicking on the picture. It's just $1 in my TPT store and is currently on sale thru tomorrow. Use the promo code SMILE for extra savings!

There are some freebies you can pick up in my TPT store too.  

For a post about how I use the Christmas Short Vowel Sort in my classroom, click here. The Long Vowel Sort is set up the same way. Just click on the pic to grab your copy.

I'm off to take advantage of the TPT sale myself. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I really like the way you have them make the game themselves. Great for fine motor:)


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