Alphabet Exchange Group Lists are Out!

A very quick post today... If you signed up for the Alphabet Exchange, you should have received an email from me, or several over the last 2 days (ha! ha!). If you didn't get an email with your group information and you think you should have, please email me ASAP. 

If you think you would like to participate but haven't signed up already, I am forming a wait list. Click on the button on my sidebar and fill out the form to get on it. If the list gets to 26 more teachers, I'll be happy to open up another group.

So far we're 234 teachers from 37 states and 3 different countries who teach preschool thru 2nd grade. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to start getting letters!


  1. I would love to be added to the group if possible! What a lovely idea! Thank you, Joyce Paulinho

    1. Thanks, Joyce. If a spot opens up I will let you know.

    2. Joyce, can you send me an email too so I'll be able to contact you more easily? My email is

  2. I'm so sad that I missed this this year. We did it last year and LOVED it! in case you happen to get any more straggles that would like to create another group. :)


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