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I'm keeping it quick today but wanted to share this art website with you. I recently attended an art conference at Disneyland and went to a session about the KQED Art School. KQED is the public broadcasting station in San Francisco and their art school is a source of high-quality, free videos about art and artists in the Bay Area. I really enjoyed watching a few videos during the session! 

Most videos are geared toward middle school and high school students but could be good background knowledge even for elementary teachers. They have a series of videos called the Elements of Art E-Book that I look forward to watching so I can do a better job teaching art. The 1st video about line got me thinking about how I could teach that to my firsties.

Next year I want to make paper with my kiddos. I remember doing that when I was in elementary school and it has stuck with me all this time (can you believe I remember that more than a worksheet? Hee! Hee!). The art school has this video about making paper 
It looks pretty simple!

The session was lots of fun and I'm enjoying exploring the videos. Thought you might too!

Do you have any favorite art websites? Please share!

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  1. Always looking for great new art sites so thank you! One of my current favourites is mericherry.com. 😊


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