Vegas Recap

Last week was one of the best weeks ever! I was at the I Teach K conference in Las Vegas with so many awesome teachers. I'd never been to a teaching conference before but I can tell you that this won't be the last!
My best teacher friend and I arrived Sunday and went to see
at Treasure Island. If you've never been I highly recommend it! It's spectacular and well worth the price.
Monday started with a keynote from Debbie Clements. She's just amazing! I don't know how I'd never heard her music before, but after her keynote I went to another of her session and came home with 2 of her books and 3 cd's. One goal for next year was to incorporate more music. This will be a great start!
That evening we saw Ron Clark! Yes, that Ron Clark. I was in awe of his passion for what we do. He was amazing and funny and I can't wait to read another of his books. Oh yeah, I also got my book signed.
Standing in line to get that autograph I met some fabulous teachers! We ended up have a couple dinners together and exchanged email to keep in touch. Here they are
These ladies are terrific! We became good friends, "new best friends" as Kris put it, very quickly. One of them teaches in Bahrain which was so interesting to hear about. One teaches elementary math and actually turned her classroom into a hospital like Ron Clark talks about in one of his books. Talk about going the extra mile! And another teaches K and does a summer cooking class for kids on her own! My friend April teaches K and does such great things with her class. I've tried to talk her into blogging... and then there's me on the right. I hope we can all get together at another I Teach K!

At the blogger meet-up I got to meet these terrific bloggers
and wish I'd been able to meet everyone who was there
A special thanks to Rachel and Natalie from What the Teacher Wants and Teachers Pay Teachers for organizing and sponsoring the event!
And a thanks to SDE for having Elvis in the house too.
 I Teach K was everything I'd hoped for- meeting new friends and getting fresh exciting ideas for the new school year. I'm looking forward to going again soon.

Before I leave you today, I want to add that there are about 10 spots left in the Alphabet Exchange an then I'll have to close it so that there are complete groups. Thanks to everyone who has singed up already! Just click on the button below to sign up for get more info.

I'm off to dinner soon with our nephew who is visiting from Dubai. It will be so good to see him again!
Have a great evening!


  1. Love the pictures Chrissy! It looks like you had so much fun. It's great connecting like that with teachers you admire.
    Love your pretty dress, too:)

  2. I am so jealous, I wanted to go so bad. It looks like you had a great time.

    The First Grade Princess

  3. It was so great meeting you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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