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Anyone else having a particularly busy week? We had our annual Patriotic Program for first grade today. Parents came to hear the kiddos sing Yankee Doodle, Star Spangled Banner, and This Land is Your Land. We were supposed to walk to the nearby rehabilitation center to perform for the residents, but it started to rain just as we got out to the sidewalk. Go figure! California's in a terrible drought, it's hardly rained in a year, and it rains today! Oh well. We stayed at school and make and wrote about bald eagles instead. Because of all our practicing recently we've been VERY out of our routine. One of the boys today said, "When are we going to do Daily 5 again?" 
Me: Tomorrow sweetie, I promise. Your teacher misses routine as much as you do.

So, after dance class #2 (we get 3 one hour sessions total) tomorrow morning we'll get back to normal. Dance class should have been Tuesday, but we had singing practice so I switched with someone else. I didn't think I'd crave our regular routine this much, but Daily 5 and math groups here we come!

I'll come home tomorrow and see what I can purchase off my TPT wish list. Be sure to take advantage of the big sale to shrink your wish list. Have fun shopping!

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