Sunday Wrap-Up

Well, it's Sunday night. Laundry is in the dryer so I have something to wear tomorrow, lunch is in the fridge. And I'm trying to deny that I have to go to work tomorrow. I love my class, it's just that my bed is comfy and it's cold outside... you understand.

A friend and I spent a couple of hours today working on a district project. We both signed up to be on these new "think tanks" our district is trying out. We're tasked with putting together a curriculum map for the first grade common core standards. We're almost done with ELA and will share it with some other teachers at a meeting Thursday to see what they may want to switch around. Hopefully it helps other teachers feel more comfortable jumping into the CCSS.

This evening I wanted to play around on my computer, so I made these thank you cards with some ice cream clip art from Ruby Slippers. I'm going to leave for my aide tomorrow. She's so wonderful and is working with my highest readers on a book study project right now. Just click on the pic to grab them for yourself.

This week's going to be busy. Wednesday is our first grade Patriotic Program for parents and we'll walk to the nearby Rehab Center to perform for their residents as long as it doesn't rain. Tuesday night I'm meeting some of the first graders and their parents at the school board meeting to perform their songs. With that and the Thursday meeting, this week will probably go by fast!

I've got to go get more laundry going. Sunday night rituals... 

Have a great week!

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  1. Your thank you cards turned out great!
    I neglected my Sunday night rituals and was running around this morning like the proverbial chicken. Will try to do better this evening:)


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