Chevron Binder Covers

Happy Tuesday! At least it is here (and wherever you are too I hope!). It's warm and sunny and we're going to Chile's for dinner. Yummm!

Today's been a fairly lazy day just trimming some plants in the yard and relaxing. The other day I had some fun designing binder covers to help me get organized next year. I love the chevron pattern, as you can tell. And I had some fun with the new set of frames and papers I bought recently. 

Do you use binders to organize? I haven't always, but now find them helpful for some things. I really like a binder for my lesson plans. I keep my whole class plans on my desk and my reading group and ELD plans on the shelf by my back table.
Here's what they look like and you can pick them up here if you want to, or just click on the green cover. They're editable for your own subject needs too.

It's a very short post for today. Just thought I'd share my newest creation. Have a wonderful day!

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