Alphabet Letter Exchange Registration is Ready!

I'm so excited to kick off the 5th Alphabet Letter Exchange! I had to look back in my blog to find out when the first one was. It's amazing to think some of us have been doing this since 2011! This year it would be fantastic if we had a teacher from every state. I think there were teachers from 38 states and 2 Canadian provinces last year.
If you're wondering what the Alphabet Letter Exchange is, there is a description of the project below along with the rules and sign-up form. This is a picture of an almost-finished alphabet I put up in my classroom a few years ago (I just hadn't gotten the rest of the letters when I took this picture). You can check out more pictures from other teacher's classrooms in a previous post {here}. 
The Alphabet Letter Exchange is a whole lot of fun for kids and teachers! It's a good way to teach some geography too. Some teachers display a map on the wall and label where each letter comes from and other have had their students color states on a map as they get the letters. 
If you'd like to participate in the project this year, please read the project description below and fill out the Google form at the bottom of this post.

Here's how the project works:

1. Your class will be assigned a letter of the alphabet and put into a group with 25 other teachers. Each teacher would have their class decorate 26 of that letter. A template will be provided. I might switch the letter style for this year, but they will still be capital letters. You'll print it on card stock and have your class decorate it. Decorate it however you like, just have fun and get creative!
2. You'll need to mail 25 of the letters to the members of your group and you'll keep one. Each teacher is responsible for their own postage charges. Some people send their letters in manilla envelopes and some fold them and put them in letter size envelopes. It really depends on how the letter is decorated. Either way is okay. At the end of the project you should have a complete, unique, student-made alphabet!

3. You could also include a short letter about your class, school, and where you live. This is optional.

The project will run from mid-August thru September 30th to give everyone time to get back to school, decorate, and mail their letters. If possible, try to send your letter as early in September as possible.

I'd love to have you participate! Just a little favor, though, please sign up only if you really intend to follow through with the project. It is heartbreaking to kids and teachers alike to end up with an incomplete alphabet

Just a couple more things:
I'm planning to stop sign-ups on July 24th so I can get the lists out by the beginning of August. That's a little earlier than usual, but school starts for me in mid-August so I want to make sure I can get your groups out to you before I have to go back to school.
Also, I'll be in touch via email to give you any updates and send out the templates.
You can keep up with the project through my facebook page too. I'm getting familiar with twitter and instagram and will post some pics on there too. But the best ways to keep right now are this blog and facebook.

If you want to participate in the project this year, please click {HERE} and fill out the Google form.

**As of July 21, I disabled the sign up form. If you would like to participate there may still be openings. Please email me at if you are interested. 

I've also made this button (just link it back to my blog, please) if you want to share about this exchange on your blog facebook page, etc.. I'm so happy to have you along on the wonderful bloggy adventure!


  1. My class has participated in this the last two school years. It has been wonderful, but I do agree about signing up only if the teacher will fully particpate. Each of the last two years we haven't received 4-5 letters and it is very disappointing to the kids. THANK YOU for hosting this and doing all the work to get it going!

  2. Thanks for taking this HUGE project on again! My kids love it every year. Hoping to get 100% this year.
    Polka Dot Kinders


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