Currently for August

I'm joining up with Farley's Currently this morning. The last one before school starts again. Didn't my summer break just start a few weeks ago??

I've been loving these warm summer days! Time spent with family & friends, some fun days away with my husband, time with our new kitten. It's been great!

It's been fun to try some new recipes this summer- especially salads. Most recently my husband and I tried a kale and strawberry salad that is amazing! We'd never had kale- it's about time, right? We have wonderful locally grown strawberries so I like to eat them a lot while they're in season. The recipe came from a vegetarian food blog called COOKIE + Kate. Salads are my favorite school lunch. 

As for shoes, I need some really comfy ones. I'm going to the outlet center today to see what I can find. Years ago I had a pair of Rockports that were wonderful! They have a 15% discount for educators too. You can get their coupon HERE.

Reading Unshakable has inspired me to change a couple of things for this year. So a RAK of buying a flat of bottled water and some soda for the refrig in the lounge seems like a good way to start off! Hopefully it will make some people smile.

Back to School is certainly on my mind. I'll get my keys tomorrow or Tuesday. Our first PD day is 2 weeks away and my new kiddos come just after that. I'm looking forward to the TPT sale to pick up a few new things for the start of the year. If you're looking to get organized for the year, I've got some binder covers in my TPT store that will be 20% off starting tomorrow.


Remember to use the promo code BTS15


  1. I am loving this summer weather as well. In fact I am blogging and commenting from my back porch! The baby is sleeping in his swing on one side and hubby is watching you tube on his phone on the other. I am headed to fill up my cart on TPT for the BTS sale. Cute binder covers.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. How great that you still have 2 weeks left before PD! I start mine tomorrow! I think getting water for the teacher's lounge is a great idea - I might steal it. I am also loading up my cart and prioritizing what I REALLY need for school this year. Have a great rest of your summer!

    Michelle from Dabbling in Differentiation

  3. I want to start watching Blue Bloods!!! I love your RAK!!! What a great idea!!! Have a great school year!

  4. Kale and strawberry salad? Yummy!!
    Hey, those covers look familiar:)
    Good luck with the sale!


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